Catalogue of high quality isolated photos (page 10)

Cup of coffee — preview
Cup of coffee
Pear — preview
Tomato — preview
Defense knife — preview
Defense knife
Birch leaf — preview
Birch leaf
Ripe garlic — preview
Ripe garlic
Cigar — preview
Green maple leaf — preview
Green maple leaf
Groundnut — preview
Yellow envelope with blank paper — preview
Yellow envelope with blank paper
Half of fresh fig — preview
Half of fresh fig
Light yellow paprika — preview
Light yellow paprika
A bundle of old rusted keys — preview
A bundle of old rusted keys
Garlic — preview
Ripe cucumber — preview
Ripe cucumber
Red pushpin — preview
Red pushpin
Deadly fly — preview
Deadly fly
Half of cut avocado — preview
Half of cut avocado
Peanuts — preview
Roasted peanuts — preview
Roasted peanuts
Ripe cucumbers — preview
Ripe cucumbers
Peanuts — preview
Cranberries with leafs — preview
Cranberries with leafs
White starfish — preview
White starfish